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Direct Tax Services:

Amid the challenging economic scenario and newfound initiative by the Government to improve tax environment, businesses need to pay close attention to tax challenges and rework their strategies.

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Indirect Tax Services:

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is radical tax reform. It has resulted in to comprehensive tax base and virtually all goods and services are taxable. GST will impact tax incidence, credit utilization, compliances and will require complete overhaul of the indirect tax system of business entities. Business entities will have to reevaluate their supply chain, renegotiate contracts with customers/vendors and reset tax practices.

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Audit & Assurance Services:

The firm employs and implements the latest methods of audit, for maximizing audit efficiency through risk based audit approach. This enables timely delivery and value added advisory services to clients. Most importantly the Firm’s audit approach is business oriented. It focuses on an understanding of the client’s business much deeper than the knowledge of the accounting system.

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Foreign Exchange Regulations:

India has become significant player in global market and have seen surge of cross border activities. Indian entities have adopted organic and inorganic strategies to integrate with the world economy.

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Due to economic liberalization, starting and setting up and doing business in India has become hassle free. Owing to ongoing digitalisation at Government level, incorporation of a company, in India, has become quicker task. Owing to changing regulatory environment, there are various efficient vehicles available for entry and exit strategy.

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Outsourcing Services:

Outsourcing a company’s legal business process to external agencies provides leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labor, improved quality to product and service innovation.

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Research & Article

Research And Articles

Aspects to be kept in mind by Recent Immigrants

A Recent Immigrant needs to plan as well as take certain steps prior to his/her departure out of India.

  • Intimate Bankers about change in status to “Non-Resident” under FEMA.
  • You may opt to give a general/specific Power of Attorney to a close relative to act on your behalf during your stay outside India.
  • Intimate the companies, firms where you are a shareholder, partner, and deposit holder about the change in status as “Non-Resident” under FEMA.
  • Retire from firm/company if it is carrying on business of real estate, nidhi, chit fund, lottery, betting, gambling, manufacturing of cigars, etc., trading in TDRs etc.
  • Open Non-Resident External (NRE) Account just before leaving in India. Alternatively, take necessary forms for opening the account from the Bankers and can be sent to them after leaving India.
  • Do not carry more than USD 10,000/- in hand when travelling outside India.
  • Filing Return of Income as a Non-Resident.
  • Change in residential status and taxability of income.

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